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Okay, please do not judge me for waiting two weeks to blog about my 2.5 week long trip to Europe. I have been so mentally exhausted, lazy, and honestly, had “writer’s block”. But let’s start with Paris!

I landed in Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport on August 31st and miraculously made it to my hostel – 3 Ducks Boutique Hostel where I shared a room with three other girls, two of them I truly hope to visit and see again! We picnicked at the Eiffel Tower and ate yummy escargot.


I also met a wonderful French girl by the name of Raissa who showed me almost ALL of Paris in 3 days! God bless her because without her I’m sure I only would have visited 25% of Paris. We biked and walked through the beautiful and diverse arrondissements of Paris. I crashed my bike a couple of times and had swollen ankles, but it was all worth it.

Best parts of Paris:

  • The diversity of each arrondissement and the scenic views.
  • Live musicians at the Quartier Latin (see the video in the slideshow below)
  • Bread, oops I mean baguette
  • Cheap wine – glasses are always around 3 euros
  • Easy to get anywhere
  • House of Versailles – GORGEOUS (and included in the slideshow)

Not so great parts of Paris:

  • Snobby Parisians who love to stare. The awkward stares plus being out of the country alone, often made me feel insecure and homesick.
  • Expensive restaurants
  • I got so tired of eating charcuterie!
  • The Louvre was overrated in my opinion – but I’m not a huge museum/painting enthusiast.

Enjoy a bunch of pictures in slideshow format – click the slideshow to see the pictures in full size!


P.S. I will be wearing the same outfit in several pictures in different cities. I backpacked, meaning I only took ONE backpack with enough clothes/shoes to last the entire 18 day journey. Forgive me fashion novas.

Have you ever been to Paris? If so, what did you love? If not, what would you love to see in Paris?

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