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So, I was requested to make a blog post on my five top purchases of the year because said person wanted “to live out [his] dream through [me]”.

I am a scammer and a liar, I do not live the life you all think I do.

But anyways, let’s take a dive into:


Okay, so I use Mint to track all my transactions, income, expenses, and such. I would love to write a blog post about how awesome is once they deposit some coins into my account. But, let us begin:

  1. This year, I moved out of my mother’s home to be closer to work since I now work in Virginia.
    1. So the number one item is RENT (no shocker there). At $800/mo + security deposits and other home furnishings, I have spent $8,368 this year alone on not being homeless.
  2. I also purchased a car because I thought I was the sugar-honey-iced-tea and along with my new job, I needed a new car (partially true).
    1. On down payment, monthly payments, gas, and car insurance, I have spent $8,432 on my new 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited.  Yes, I could have waited another year perhaps to get a new car or bought a pre-owned car, but I didn’t think Beyoncé would approve, so I didn’t.
  3. Okay this is one I am proud of. Coming in at three is student loan payments. Even though Sallie Mae doesn’t carry my loans, anything that sounds like a Caucasian with two first names has me SHOOK!
    1. I have paid off about $7,200 of my student loans so far. Interest sucks but Uncle Sam can→
  4. Okay, here is where you start judging me. Food.
    1. This is why I don’t look like Beyoncé. This number is also incredibly high because I think I am a Caucasian woman who can go to brunch every week, indulge in fancy happy hours, and only eat organic foods. I have spent $4,400 on food this year. I disgust myself.
  5. Lastly, being cultured.
    1. This is what I tell myself when I look at my Mint report and it says I have spent $2,660 on vacation and travel expenses (Uber, metro, etc) this year. This includes everything I’ve spent while on vacation too, such as food and souvenirs.
      1. I went to Cancun this June, Toronto in July, and am getting ready for my Eurotrip. While this number will go up after my Eurotrip, I think I’ll be done this year regarding travelling.

Well, there you have it. You can now continue to envy me in the sanctity of your homes. And if any of you are thinking of pulling off an amateur home invasion. I own weapons.


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